Uncover the mysteries of Echor City, from the conspiracies surrounding
the biotechnology giant Augur Corp to the secrets of the magical
anomalies that transform those who encounter them
into the stuff of nightmares...

Night Shift is an upcoming bi-weekly podcast from
Nocturne Studios, hosted by Sebastian Fen.

Episode 1, coming soon.

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Sebastian Fen

Adair North

Genevieve Holt

Cam Archer

Quin Sterling

Dr. Angelo Volta

Mira Zafar


Olivia Lark

Various Voices


Night Shift is a queer-led serialized docudrama centered around Echor City, home of the formidable Augur Corporation and a host of conspiracies, all of which Sebastian Fen is determined to explore on his podcast. He records during quiet moments at his job at Night Shift coffee shop. Central to Sebastian's investigations is the face of Augur's renowned biotechnology department, Dr. Volta.

Night Shift is in pre-production for its pilot episode. Currently seeking voice actors for major and minor parts! No previous voice acting experience necessary to apply.


Julian Maclurg

Creative director, head writer and voice of Sebastian, Julian is a first-class honors grad in Creative Writing with a minor in Film & Television, and a background in stage acting. They have been writing and producing independent creative projects for nearly a decade.

Bee Read

I'm Bee, a nonbinary queer creator from the UK, writer for North, Volta and Styx, and voice of North! I am a full time freelance artist, running an etsy store and making enamel pins as well as taking commission gigs. I love fantasy, acting, storytelling and RPGs.

Angie Gone

Digital artist, animator, and overall pop culture enthusiast interested in TTRPG and Animation. Started their social media journey through cosplay and has since shifted to focus on their art and sharing opinions and analyses on TikTok and Twitter.

Rey Archer

Hello! You can call me Rey, and I'm the production manager and writer/voice for Cameron in the podcast. I enjoy costuming and writing as hobbies, but more than anything, I'm so excited to see this story come to life! I hope this story will touch all of you the way it's touched us.

Special thanks to our executive producers from Patreon:
Sofia Johansson, Katie B, and Emily Hogarth

And to the friends who helped inspire and develop the Night Shift universe:
Dia, Bev, Limey, Kai, & Alexei

A huge and super special thanks to Katie B for your financial backing and huge contribution supporting the creation of the show.

An accountant by day, writer by night, Katie has been supporting our productions for years and we wouldn't be where we are without her. Thank you so much for your ceaseless love and contributions, and for being the biggest investor in our ideas.


Casting for the Night Shift pilot has begun. We are seeking an LGBT+ friendly, diverse cast and need a number of roles filled for the coming Season 1 story, both major, minor and extra.

This is a passion project, born of an original story we really believe is worth sharing. Our budget isn't huge, but you can find details of our compensation rates via the link below and we have a crowdfund planned for future with hope of increasing these fees!

No previous experience necessary to apply.

If you have a decent microphone and you're interested in the project,
we'd love to hear from you! XLR or USB mics are required for major roles,
but some minor and extra roles will get by fine with a headset mic or phone.

Feel free to audition for as many roles as you wish - if you have the vocal versatility, you may be cast as more than one character.

In terms of our schedule, scripts for episodes 2 through 7 (our pilot is complete) will be sent out to cast by Feb 10th, and 8 through 15 by March 12th, to record remotely on their own time with individual deadlines per episode detailed within. Episodes will release every two weeks.

You can find out more about what we're looking for
and submit an application here:

Major and Minor Roles

Extra Roles

Apply on CastingCallClub

Due to the incredible response we've had, the deadline for auditions has moved to January 28th at 11.59pm GMT. If you are interested, please don't hesitate to send in an audition as soon as possible!


Thanks for your interest in the Night Shift podcast!

If you'd like to reach out with any questions, queries or stories you'd like to me to investigate, you can contact me on Twitter or by email, see links below!

– Sebastian